Friday, December 28, 2012


Softly, gently
may peace come to us..........
fulfillment become us...........

may we realize who we are.............
that the hand of power,
is our hand........
that our destiny is forged from our own dreams............

and may we dream this dream together,
our diversity forgotten,
united in that place where we are all one.......

may we remember that,
we came here....
each with our own gift, 
to add to the beauty and perfection of our world.

may we rely on the wisdom and the knowing
of the perfection which we hold,
which is more ancient and more wise than the learning of any written text

and may we remember love,
unconditional and expansive,
in its expression and appreciation
and become that love.......

may we know the chance,
that we have received,
having bee given such a precious lifetime......
to experience the Divine
each of us,
first hand 

Carolyn Jackson Innate Foundation

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Wish For You

Wishing you 
the experience of JOY in all that you do,
the fulfillment of PEACE resting gently in your soul,
the strength of WISDOM to fill your thoughts and your mind,
the sweet cup of LOVE from which to drink,
the ABUNDANCE of all that life has to offer
and above all the GRATITUDE to 
appreciate it all !

The watercolor The Symbols of Reiki by Carolyn Jackson

Friday, November 30, 2012

One can never have enough of love !

Ah yes....
And one can never have enough of kindness and of love.......

what if it were a cake, we would eat it forever.........
sigh with fulfilled with pleasure

We could share it with our neighbor,
just to see the joy as they also began to savor....

And every time, we took a bite...
another slice would appear, ah such delight !

For isn't that is the nature of love and of kindness.....
that it multiplies as it is shared ?

And if it were that cake, it would be magical.......
so that everyone who tasted it
would glow with the warmth of thousand  lamps,
lit with the very essence of love

never would it go stale,
never would it spoil,
for there would be people everywhere...
who hungered for even just one bite

And wouldn't that baker........
the one who made it....
be so loved? so revered?

And wouldn't the world be so busy.......
sharing this culinary delight that they would no longer care for things...
like greed, distrust, or aggression
for the taste of these to disturb
the pleasure of the taste of that cake,
upon their palette

what if it got into the water,
the crumbs spilled out upon the ground.........
the very earth would be in gratitude,
filled with the taste of this magical cake......

Ah, yes
I do not think
that one can ever get enough of love.........

Monday, November 19, 2012

What justification would there be for war?

There was a small child,
tucked in her bed............
dreaming her dreams,
they were simple dreams, as the dreams of children often are...........

What she would do 
as the sun rose........
What games she would play,
what treasures she would find........

An excitement to discover,
what the day would bring....
filled her tiny mind.
and brought an immense delight,
to the simplicity of her heart.........

Imagine....her surprise
to discover that today, she could not play outside...........
too many bombs falling,
skies blackened by smoke......
fear rampant in the eyes 
of the adults who were
her sworn protectors............

What excuse could they give her?
Those adults whose arms were meant to hold her safely,
whose hearts were meant to love her,
and all of the other innocents like her...........

What complicated justification could resonate?
with the simplicity of her mind...........
as to why, her joy, her dream and  the dreams of all the others, like her, should be so discarded...... 


Friday, October 19, 2012

And you are so loved

 And you are so loved....

that the Creator, itself
whose power is unlimited, the all seeing, the all knowing
humbles itself and comes
here, for 
only you.

 traveling beyond millions of  miles,
to bring alive a small speck of dust,
you ...
to have your chance at this dance of love,

at your door
thousands and thousands of times 
everyday, with every breath that you take,
present with every sight that you see,
moving with you in every action done and undone,
only so that you can remember.....
and return 

And with the hope that in your remembering, you will know.....

That to IT
you are the only one,
that there has never been,
nor will ever be,
any one, ever,  like you

This is your preciousness,
This is your worth,

are loved 
without boundary
or border
without judgement
and without exception
no matter what 
but simply 
because you are.

You are loved,
Your perfection so

By the  power 
created this entire Universe
simply for you to enjoy ! 
and that it did so,
is a testament of its love,
for only

Yes, indeed, you are
 most certainly

Friday, October 5, 2012

Splendors of Gratitude

lay in broken splendor
in the dust 
at his feet

the coming and going,
of all that is divine,
that most powerful demonstration
of  Divinity within his frail form,
lay trampled,

by his,
taken for granted in his hurry to reach his newest destination

which was the holiest,
bent her head in sorrow,
at her lack of her use......

Understanding, clarity
that very wisdom,
which created all,
lived within all,
lay like an unused
discarded by his side

It was not for the lack
of recognition
that they wept....
But rather,
it was for him......
the one who did not know them
For the joy, for the contentment,
for the peace, that he would
Unknowing, he slept
yet he held these impeccable treasures,
these jewels of pure perfection
these necessary items.
without which he could not live.
And they lay awake within  him....
offering all
that could ever be dreamed,

Friday, September 21, 2012

What is Peace?

 It has been said that peace is the global end of conflict between all nations. 
But, I say to you…in your hearts you know peace. 

It is an experience which has nothing to do with the nation within whose boundaries you live. Except that nation be blessed by having you within its borders. 

You know the freedom of its existence, know that it is completely unbound by the action of any other person. Although all people in the presence of one who is in peace, are deeply touched by it.

It is said that in that moment of "peace" all people will lay down their weapons. But you know that in that presence of peace, no weapon ever existed.

You know this and you are this..............

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Ordinary Man

There once was a magician,
who was without suspicion,
openly admitting
that he knew nothing............

He performed the miracles,
common only to oracles,
knowing only
that he by himself 
could do nothing.........

People said he was surrounded by light,
declared him wise with an unlimited sight,
When he knew
without a doubt
that alone, he saw nothing............

It was said, he was powerful,
his gifts, extremely desirable,
while he himself,
knew in his nakedness, he had nothing........

He was simply,
filled with a profound humility,
to be in the presence,
merged with the divine essence,
of all that was magical,
all that was powerful,

And having found the ultimate treasure,
filling himself within a paradise of  pleasure,
He knew for a fact that he was, 
just another 


Sunday, September 2, 2012


did you notice,
the tiny spider weaving in his web

As you sped past,
did you notice
the clear drop of dew lying on the grass

As you spun around in circles,
did you see the sun,
peek from the clouds

As you ran and drove and drank your fifth cuppa jo,
chatted up your buddies,
did you miss the flow.....

And were you thinking,
just give me a moment.....
I'll get done soon,
all of the things that are never done,

the spider has finished weaving that web,
the dew has been gone for hours,
and the sun has retired ...........

oh dear,
I hope that you did not miss it.........
all the moments of the miracles,
that called to you
today !
Carolyn Jackson Innate Foundation

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Life Does Play Me

Life does play me....
as if I were the flute,
a lyrical symphony,of laughter and of tears,

Life does move me.....

as if I were the most precious of dancers
 poised in its hand........

It sings to me of surrender,

As the moon....
does to the sun

It does take me,

into the powerful spaces, shows me that it is love,
which holds the  planets in their places,

It has spoken of unwavering courage, determination

as a droplet,
rushes to become the sea

I have watched,

as every flower raises it head,
blooms and reaches,
toward its sun,

I know that drawing,

that midnight longing
that ecstatic expectancy of reunion
with that
which plays me
as if I were its flute

Friday, August 10, 2012

Eyes Wide Open, we are made for this !

eyes wide open, 
blind to all, and
by the stunning brilliance of the  LIGHT
heart exploding 
unable to contain, in its tiny thus far experience
the immensity
of so much love

Ears, deafened,
to any other sound,
filled so far beyond their thus far known capacity,
by the symphony of the divine

A mind rendered senseless,
its usual perceptions
made absurd,
by the presence of 
unlimited and ageless wisdom

Too much
Too much 
Too much 

No, my friend.....we are made for this !

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Warrior

And he looked with sadness,
that brave and worthy warrior,
upon his world,
not because the world
was sad,
but because he was....

And he wept bitter tears.....
for all her 
sins and transgressions....
Not because her people
had transgressed,
but because,
he had,
And did not know how to forgive his own

And so he sat...
and bathed himself....
closed his eyes, and purified
washed himself in that holy place,
let its LIGHT absolve,
its LOVE dissolve,
all that had appeared hopeless to him, 
became the beauty of perfection
joined the dance of immaculate conception

And he wept his tears again,
this time each glimmering tear,
filled with gratitude,
so immense, that its love consumed him....

I would not say...
that he never
tasted sadness again

Only that he now knew,

the elixer,
the healing potion,
of that which would
transform it.

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Sacred Invitation

Eyes turned skyward,
the searcher searched....

Fingers turning pages of the sacred texts,
he looked....
Bible, Gita, Sutra, Koran

All pointing to a way,
to find,
which he failed to see, failed to hear, failed to feel

Seek and you shall find,
was the promise,
he believed went unanswered....

within himself,
in the serenity of his heart
a celebration,
a consecration,
without beginning and without end,
as it always had
as it always would

Little did he know,
he was that angel,
he was searching for....

He held the very divinity
that he wished to find

He was the love,
whose embrace
he craved,
the miracle,
he so desired.......

He was born with it,
he lived with it,
he would die with it,

The knock at his door,
the longing that he felt....
was a sacred invitation
meant for him
and him alone,
to become.....
this celebration
this ultimate expression
beyond expectation
of all
that he

Friday, July 13, 2012

Clarity: What do you want?

And did you want to be infused....
with the messages of unrest
with thoughts of less?

Did you wish for eyes and ears filled with dust....
with races torn apart
with all reason sworn to depart ?

Did you wish for a cold unfeeling heart...
an apathetic feeling,
devoid of any sense of healing?

Did you request to be uninvolved....
left devoid of participation,
without the joy of anticipation ?

When you were a newborn child,
your eyes were open
your senses alive, your heart absolutely chosen

You saw the beauty,
you knew with such clarity
every possibility

Stars were your own diamonds
the sun, your kingdom

Love was the very air that you breathed
you swam fearless, in deep pools, every moment, every chance seized

You swung from invisible swings, flew without wings
heights and motion,
spurred your devotion

You are still...
that "child"
with all the wonder
of incredible splendor

Or, you are that jaded "adult",
eyes warped by indifference,
heart stunted by ambivalence

It is your choice...
they both exist
waiting to dance at your request


Friday, June 22, 2012

We are the mirrors of what is meant to be, you and I

And when I look at you,
I do not see 
the color of your skin,
the religion that you practice,
nor hear the language that you speak,

When I look at you,
I do not see
the disturbances within your mind,
the bruises on your heart,
the patterns of the ways, you have learned 
to be.....

But when I look at you,
I see,
the purest, most dazzling light dancing from your eyes
which also dances from within me,

I see,
the clarity of an ocean of wisdom, that emanates from you,
as it also flows from me

I see,
A being of such invincible strength and patience of purpose,
as I know myself, as well, to be

I see,
a heart beating so strongly, full of gratitude, peace, belonging,
as I know my own heart to be

When I look on you....
I see such beauty,
created by the hand of the incredible artist,
of all of humanity

And such a creation,
and such a creator,
stretches through you,
just as it stretches through me

We are the mirrors,
you and I
for all 
to BE

Friday, June 15, 2012

Absolute Adoration

The mountains stand in power and in glory,
unwavering in postures 
of majestic beauty

The oceans, rivers, streams and lakes move with sacred mystery,
sparkling with shining treasures 
of sunlight

Valleys and plains burst with color,
gold with grain, 
adorned richly, in purples and greens

All in absolute adoration, extreme appreciation
of something 
is often taken for granted......


 And what is there to learn from these,
I have never heard the mountains in their magnificence say,
oh I wish I were a tree or could fly like a bird,

I have never heard the oceans in their undulating beauty,
oh I so do wish that I could reign, I should, I could, I would

I have never heard the skies weep,
for what they perceived could have been,

I have never seen the plains in their abundance, providing such generous sustenance,
withhold their grain for their own profit,

the stars shine,
the moon rises,
the sun glows,
in reflection,
of what they are,
radiant with beauty,
accepting of all change,
asking nothing more than to BE

And shall we see,
perhaps, take a lesson from these,
in stillness, simply
BE ?

Friday, June 8, 2012

A heart is a passionate thing....

 And we have been told...
a heart is fragile,
easily wounded,
its vulnerability, extreme

The advice has been given....
better to give love sparingly,
keep your heart  in hiding, be careful, it may even be in sin,
discernment of course, being the key...

A heart is,
a passionate thing,
an unsophisticated wild and unruly thing,
which blooms with the love of no reason.
flowers when in the presence of trials,
growing at its best in the harshest landscapes,
Its beauty most evident in the starkest of gardens

It is a survivor,
the true strength of our being,
the source of our valor, celebrated,
only its courage remaining undefeated,
while all logic and reasoning have failed, died and are gone...

And it is in this wild,
unpredictable, glorious presence,
of a true heart,
that we shine,
reckless with love,
unrestrained with care,
invincible with passion,

ah, yes and laughing with delight ! 
Carolyn Jackson
Innate Foundation

Friday, May 25, 2012

And did you think, you were alone?

And did you think
that you were alone?

Every breath that you take 
is evidence of a power beyond your imagination

which loves you,
with a love that is beyond reason,
unconditional and existing simply because...
you do

which supports you
with arms which are more powerful than the greatest storm
and more gentle than a soothing rain

which protects you,
with the force which has created this Universe.
The very planets do not move without its grace
nor the sun shine,
nor the moon rise

which empowers you,
with its own wisdom

immersing  you in an ocean of  answers 
without doubt
nor any question

It was born,
as you were born

as you live

No, my dear,
you are never alone

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The King and the Knight ( a short story from Tales From the Master by Carolyn Jackson

Tales From the Master by Carolyn Jackson is a collection of inspiring and thought provoking short stories. Enjoy the read ! order through  or Innate Foundation

The King and the Knight

Once long ago, before the stories of the great round table, there were kings. To wear the crown of king was a thing of consequence and there were only a few true kings. A true king is a master, in touch with the mysteries of life and sworn to obey only the highest laws of LIGHT. This is what makes a man a king. A knight is a man whose sole desire is to serve such a king. The devotion and loyalty of a knight to his king is beyond question.

As each day passed, the knight waited for the summons of his king. Some days he was left to his own contemplations and other days the king invited the knight to the inner chambers of the castle to celebrate the mysteries of life with the ruler himself. These days were the knight's favorite, for to be in the company of the king was his greatest joy.

On such a day as this, the knight mounted the castle steps with anticipation: his willingness to serve the king only surmounted by his longing to be in his presence. A page ushered the knight into the inner chamber where the king awaited him. The king motioned him to come near and presented him with a map and specific instructions pertaining to the protection of an outlying village. The knight listened with all of his attention to the details and specifications of the king's plan. He knew that the responsibility for his own safety and the safety of all the villagers was about to be placed in his hands. He was honored to be trusted to perform this act of protection for the king. As he knelt for the king's blessing, he he thought he heard this quiet whisper, “My grace and protection will be with you always, go, and know that I am with you and that it is I who will do everything for you.”

As he left the castle, throngs of people blessed him and wished him wellness and success on his journey and many pressed sacred objects into his hands, believing that these would keep him safe. The knight received these things but did not let his focus or thoughts wander from the king's words, which he silently repeated as a mantra to himself.

As he rode he kept his attention on the king and took courage and strength from the power and certainty that shone from the king's face as he had spoken with him. He reached his destination near nightfall and found everything as the king had described. There was a nearby stream and a hollow place in which to lay his bed. He rested and waited for morning.

As the darkness began to lift he felt a most thunderous shaking, as if the earth herself were being torn apart. He felt a searing white heat and smelled an acrid smell, which seemed to burn its way into his nose and into his lungs, making each breath he took a torture. He wondered if he were about to enter the very pit of hell itself. He raised his eyes and met the hooded eyes of the most enormous dragon, he could possibly have imagined. The roar and the smell of the fire, which was breathed from this beast's nostrils, threw him backward. Then, he remembered the king and the trust that the king had placed like a mantle upon his shoulders. He gathered his courage and kept the king's face in his mind like a vision and he began to fight. It was a holy fight and he held back nothing, for he fought for the one thing that he held dear above all else, the defense of his king.

Despite every ounce of all his efforts, despite the bravery of his hear, he began to fail. He simply did not have the power to destroy the immense beast, which he had been pitted against. As he was about to draw his last breath, he saw again the king's face and heard his voice. The king spoke to him across the great distance and offered the knight his aid. The knight gratefully accepted. Immediately the dragon was gone, the only thing left of it was a thin spiral of mist. The knight's wounds disappeared and he was filled with the purest sense of peace and love.

He rode slowly back to the castle and in wonder, rode through its great heavy doors. Throngs of people cheered him, for he had destroyed their mortal enemy and there was great celebration in the streets. But, for the knight there was only the king and the incredible grace which had spared his life and filled his heart with love. He climbed th castle steps once more and was ushered into the inner chamber. He knelt with deep humility before the king. The king spoke to him and said, “You did well, you forgot only one thing and that is that I said, I would be with you always and that I would do it all for you.”

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Wealth of a human being

I sometimes wonder,
if we know
the cost of a human life?

Which is worth more,
would you say....
the diamond found in the stream 
or the village of people who lived on its banks?

Which is more valuable,
the gasoline and the oil that powers a nation,

or the souls....
the mothers,
the children,
the fathers and brothers
who have lost their homes and lives in the fight over who owns it? 
Who profits from it?

Which, shall we say is our victory....
that we won the war,
defeated the wrong,
or that a life, even one was lost?
And it is lost, forever, my friends....

Which shall we pin our hopes on....
a natural resource, 
whose existence is sure to end.
Or the children
of the children 
of the people,
who are allowed to live in peace.

People will say,
Oh you just don't understand economics...
shake their heads, condescendingly
Ah, yes...
but I think we do......
WEALTH is in a simple
life of  a human being.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Secret

                        Carolyn Jackson               Innate Foundation      

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Longing of the Heart


Enjoy the longings
of your heart....
For they are the power which draws ME to you

It is this power,
to which
I must respond
As long as there is one tear shed,
Or one unjust action....
I must remain

I hold the balance,
I am the fulcrum,
of this UNIVERSE
to which everything,
is seeking to return

from "The Spirit of Reiki"
by Carolyn Jackson

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Slideshow

We have just created a new slideshow with music from the CD On the Journey and some photos which I thought were inspiring. Thank you webmaster, you have done a wonderful job !You can see it by clicking on the link below.

Friday, May 4, 2012


For you, who feel the lack of love in this world,
whose flag of victory lies unfurled
You who see only the bleak and darkened spaces,
these are merely temporary resting places
for a sun that shines too bright......... for some

But, beware your hand lies too long unextended, it is your heart
that will miss the glory and the power of the next start,
Becoming one more uncultivated garden,
another mud choked water fountain
one more brilliant flaming torch of passion..... unlit

For who does judge the innocently spoken,
word of truth, that freely given humble token?
It is solely the uncourageous who would never dare,
to give more than what is said to be..... their fair share.
And it is they who will never know.. the breadth and height of love

So, rest awhile in these deeply shaded places,
Enjoying the sweet solace in life's moon time phases
Your soul will sing once more, your sunrise fill these skies again,
shine with its inevitable true nature, its proud beauty once more to lend
its light... its peace.... its exquisite tenderness.... to this sometimes unknowing world.. 

Carolyn Jackson
Innate Foundation

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Smallest of Efforts, the Tiniest Notice

In the immensity of this world and of the millions of human beings here, have you ever wondered if you are heard? Do your efforts make a difference?

What we are seldom told is that the Creator itself lives within each of us.

The play of life is that in our finite and seemingly minuscule self, we hold the very maker of the Universe. With this life we play host or hostess to a force whose immensity is beyond measure. The tiniest child, the murderer, the lover, the sick, the lonely all have something which they carry with them. And this "thing" notices....every action, every emotion, without judgment, as it waits for us to turn toward it.

To notice that it is there, to discover the beauty of it, the compassion, the power, without ever demanding that we do, without ever judging if we don't.

And yes, it does notice.
And yes, it does care.
The question more likely is.....DO WE?

Friday, April 20, 2012

A matter of choice !

 One of the most powerful aspects of being human is that we can create what we wish to see in the world. If we see the earth as a place of crisis and turmoil (as much of the media would have us believe ) then it becomes a place of crisis and turmoil. If we see it as a place of powerful beauty, shining serenity, then it becomes a place of such.

The same is true of your life. Whatever we see in our lives becomes a reality. If the focus is on loss, sorrow, anger etc. your life expresses those attributes. This is why the Masters have taught us to find the place of perfection within ourselves. When found, this place exudes peace, clarity, joy and abundance.
This is who you are ! You are not made for worry, you are not made for fear. You are made for joy !

We are surrounded by messages of violence and of crisis. If we are not in that place of peace, and constantly take in these messages of untruth, this becomes our reality. When in the true reality we are surrounded by peace and love exists within every cell of our being.

So, there you have it, what do you wish to fill yourself with? A very real experience of who you are, or the projection of fear, of violence, and of loss.

Believe it or not, it really is your choice !

Friday, April 13, 2012

Have we not been given enough?

Sometimes as we sit in our houses and live our lives, we forget.... that we hold within us something which is divine.

All that has been created, is for each of us alone. This shining jewel of a planet with its spectacular oceans and lands teaming with life, is for only each of us. Can you believe, that?

That we are each a being of of unlimited potential, with hearts capable of immense love, containing wisdom beyond anything we can imagine, I am sure we do forget.

But to know, these things above all others is the "game" To remember is "the play" To be filled with gratitude is "the purpose" 

Each second of love that we express, each minute of gratitude that we feel is a moment of purity, at which the creator smiles with joy ! Remembrance is truly Divine !

Friday, April 6, 2012

From the Infinite:

I exist,
whether you believe or disbelieve

I exist,
whether I am acknowledged or I remain unacknowledged

I exist 
                             whether I am recognized or I remain unrecognized

In your heart,
you know me

And your heart weeps only for me
And herein lies the mystery....

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A new CD

The CD Innate Foundation: On the Journey is now available through itunes and amazon.

This was such a pleasure to compose and to publish. Once in awhile you get some very clear directions about something that needs doing and when you follow through with it, the experience is so unbelievable.

This project was based on being able to put the symbols of Reiki onto musical score paper and see what the sound was like. And at first this seemed impossible. Say what? I don't even play the piano, doesn't God know that?

I should have known that it was not. Impossible that is ! And as I pursued doing it, I was amazed at the energy which came my way. Money showed up when it was needed, insights as to titles and the how to came with patience. And what seemed impossible to me, happened !

Not only that, but the sound is beautiful and it bathes the listener in such a beautiful energy !

Now, I am wondering what my next challenge will be.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Peace, Fulfilment

Today for Earthsend, the group which sends Reiki to the world  I am struck by what our world perceives as peace.

 There are organizations and governments which promote peace as the cessation of war and sanction conflict to promote it.

Peace is an experience which every human being is capable of having. A well of peace lies in every human heart and waits to be discovered.  If Peace on Earth is truly what we all desire, then it is within our reach. It is our responsibility and we are entirely capable of bringing it. One person at a time joining with another in the fulfillment of peace will make a serious change in our world.


Fulfillment is being held in the arms of that which has loved you, even before you were born.

It is the celebration of every breath in each moment of living.
Fulfillment is the banishment of all doubt and all fear by the force of an undefeatable love
that has always been and will always be
Fulfillment is eyes full of clarity and the heart resting gently in the ocean of peace which is home
It is the light and the melody of the song of truth, which is eternally sung in the depths of the soul.
Fulfillment is the purest of healing waters which has forever been rinsing the dust from the spirit,
to clothe it in its own garment of beauty.
And it is the remembrance of that, which has already been written,
always been, and always will be.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Can you see the beauty in me

This was written to explore the possibilities in every kind of relationship. The wonderings of the truth of what is possible.

Can you see....
the beauty in me,
as I wish to see the beauty
in you ?

Can you can touch ...
the reality of me,
As I wish to touch the realness of you,
Beyond the bones, sinews, blood, and skin,
where the crystal clarity of a pool of essence lies?

Can you hear...
the sweetness of the melodies which play in me?
As I wish to hear the harmonies which flow from you ..
Beneath the sounds of laughter,
beyond all depth of conversation,
the notes of sound which lie beneath the sighing tones of breath?

Can you open the book of you...
as I wish to open the volume of me...
Removing the antiquated cover from the shining light of pages,
read and be read to,
the wordless story that is our beginnings and our middles and our endings....merged?

Can you dance...
as I wish, with all of my heart, to dance...
to the sway and whorl of unorchestrated movement,
created brevity of every precious different moment?

Can you hold....high...
the mirror for me,
with no ambivalence, but with all of the still strength of serenity,
as it is my deepest wish to see the truth of myself.
As I know the truth of you to be.

Can you see...
the beauty in me,
as I wish to see,
the beauty in you?

Thoughts introduction

Life offers many insights, pearls of wisdom if you will. This blog is an attempt to write what I have learned over the years and to celebrate the beauty of life.

 Enjoy !

Carolyn Jackson Innate Foundation