Friday, August 3, 2012

The Warrior

And he looked with sadness,
that brave and worthy warrior,
upon his world,
not because the world
was sad,
but because he was....

And he wept bitter tears.....
for all her 
sins and transgressions....
Not because her people
had transgressed,
but because,
he had,
And did not know how to forgive his own

And so he sat...
and bathed himself....
closed his eyes, and purified
washed himself in that holy place,
let its LIGHT absolve,
its LOVE dissolve,
all that had appeared hopeless to him, 
became the beauty of perfection
joined the dance of immaculate conception

And he wept his tears again,
this time each glimmering tear,
filled with gratitude,
so immense, that its love consumed him....

I would not say...
that he never
tasted sadness again

Only that he now knew,

the elixer,
the healing potion,
of that which would
transform it.

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