Friday, July 13, 2012

Clarity: What do you want?

And did you want to be infused....
with the messages of unrest
with thoughts of less?

Did you wish for eyes and ears filled with dust....
with races torn apart
with all reason sworn to depart ?

Did you wish for a cold unfeeling heart...
an apathetic feeling,
devoid of any sense of healing?

Did you request to be uninvolved....
left devoid of participation,
without the joy of anticipation ?

When you were a newborn child,
your eyes were open
your senses alive, your heart absolutely chosen

You saw the beauty,
you knew with such clarity
every possibility

Stars were your own diamonds
the sun, your kingdom

Love was the very air that you breathed
you swam fearless, in deep pools, every moment, every chance seized

You swung from invisible swings, flew without wings
heights and motion,
spurred your devotion

You are still...
that "child"
with all the wonder
of incredible splendor

Or, you are that jaded "adult",
eyes warped by indifference,
heart stunted by ambivalence

It is your choice...
they both exist
waiting to dance at your request


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