Friday, April 27, 2012

The Smallest of Efforts, the Tiniest Notice

In the immensity of this world and of the millions of human beings here, have you ever wondered if you are heard? Do your efforts make a difference?

What we are seldom told is that the Creator itself lives within each of us.

The play of life is that in our finite and seemingly minuscule self, we hold the very maker of the Universe. With this life we play host or hostess to a force whose immensity is beyond measure. The tiniest child, the murderer, the lover, the sick, the lonely all have something which they carry with them. And this "thing" notices....every action, every emotion, without judgment, as it waits for us to turn toward it.

To notice that it is there, to discover the beauty of it, the compassion, the power, without ever demanding that we do, without ever judging if we don't.

And yes, it does notice.
And yes, it does care.
The question more likely is.....DO WE?

Friday, April 20, 2012

A matter of choice !

 One of the most powerful aspects of being human is that we can create what we wish to see in the world. If we see the earth as a place of crisis and turmoil (as much of the media would have us believe ) then it becomes a place of crisis and turmoil. If we see it as a place of powerful beauty, shining serenity, then it becomes a place of such.

The same is true of your life. Whatever we see in our lives becomes a reality. If the focus is on loss, sorrow, anger etc. your life expresses those attributes. This is why the Masters have taught us to find the place of perfection within ourselves. When found, this place exudes peace, clarity, joy and abundance.
This is who you are ! You are not made for worry, you are not made for fear. You are made for joy !

We are surrounded by messages of violence and of crisis. If we are not in that place of peace, and constantly take in these messages of untruth, this becomes our reality. When in the true reality we are surrounded by peace and love exists within every cell of our being.

So, there you have it, what do you wish to fill yourself with? A very real experience of who you are, or the projection of fear, of violence, and of loss.

Believe it or not, it really is your choice !

Friday, April 13, 2012

Have we not been given enough?

Sometimes as we sit in our houses and live our lives, we forget.... that we hold within us something which is divine.

All that has been created, is for each of us alone. This shining jewel of a planet with its spectacular oceans and lands teaming with life, is for only each of us. Can you believe, that?

That we are each a being of of unlimited potential, with hearts capable of immense love, containing wisdom beyond anything we can imagine, I am sure we do forget.

But to know, these things above all others is the "game" To remember is "the play" To be filled with gratitude is "the purpose" 

Each second of love that we express, each minute of gratitude that we feel is a moment of purity, at which the creator smiles with joy ! Remembrance is truly Divine !

Friday, April 6, 2012

From the Infinite:

I exist,
whether you believe or disbelieve

I exist,
whether I am acknowledged or I remain unacknowledged

I exist 
                             whether I am recognized or I remain unrecognized

In your heart,
you know me

And your heart weeps only for me
And herein lies the mystery....

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A new CD

The CD Innate Foundation: On the Journey is now available through itunes and amazon.

This was such a pleasure to compose and to publish. Once in awhile you get some very clear directions about something that needs doing and when you follow through with it, the experience is so unbelievable.

This project was based on being able to put the symbols of Reiki onto musical score paper and see what the sound was like. And at first this seemed impossible. Say what? I don't even play the piano, doesn't God know that?

I should have known that it was not. Impossible that is ! And as I pursued doing it, I was amazed at the energy which came my way. Money showed up when it was needed, insights as to titles and the how to came with patience. And what seemed impossible to me, happened !

Not only that, but the sound is beautiful and it bathes the listener in such a beautiful energy !

Now, I am wondering what my next challenge will be.