Friday, April 27, 2012

The Smallest of Efforts, the Tiniest Notice

In the immensity of this world and of the millions of human beings here, have you ever wondered if you are heard? Do your efforts make a difference?

What we are seldom told is that the Creator itself lives within each of us.

The play of life is that in our finite and seemingly minuscule self, we hold the very maker of the Universe. With this life we play host or hostess to a force whose immensity is beyond measure. The tiniest child, the murderer, the lover, the sick, the lonely all have something which they carry with them. And this "thing" notices....every action, every emotion, without judgment, as it waits for us to turn toward it.

To notice that it is there, to discover the beauty of it, the compassion, the power, without ever demanding that we do, without ever judging if we don't.

And yes, it does notice.
And yes, it does care.
The question more likely is.....DO WE?

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