Friday, June 22, 2012

We are the mirrors of what is meant to be, you and I

And when I look at you,
I do not see 
the color of your skin,
the religion that you practice,
nor hear the language that you speak,

When I look at you,
I do not see
the disturbances within your mind,
the bruises on your heart,
the patterns of the ways, you have learned 
to be.....

But when I look at you,
I see,
the purest, most dazzling light dancing from your eyes
which also dances from within me,

I see,
the clarity of an ocean of wisdom, that emanates from you,
as it also flows from me

I see,
A being of such invincible strength and patience of purpose,
as I know myself, as well, to be

I see,
a heart beating so strongly, full of gratitude, peace, belonging,
as I know my own heart to be

When I look on you....
I see such beauty,
created by the hand of the incredible artist,
of all of humanity

And such a creation,
and such a creator,
stretches through you,
just as it stretches through me

We are the mirrors,
you and I
for all 
to BE

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