Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A new CD

The CD Innate Foundation: On the Journey is now available through itunes and amazon.

This was such a pleasure to compose and to publish. Once in awhile you get some very clear directions about something that needs doing and when you follow through with it, the experience is so unbelievable.

This project was based on being able to put the symbols of Reiki onto musical score paper and see what the sound was like. And at first this seemed impossible. Say what? I don't even play the piano, doesn't God know that?

I should have known that it was not. Impossible that is ! And as I pursued doing it, I was amazed at the energy which came my way. Money showed up when it was needed, insights as to titles and the how to came with patience. And what seemed impossible to me, happened !

Not only that, but the sound is beautiful and it bathes the listener in such a beautiful energy !

Now, I am wondering what my next challenge will be.


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