Friday, July 20, 2012

A Sacred Invitation

Eyes turned skyward,
the searcher searched....

Fingers turning pages of the sacred texts,
he looked....
Bible, Gita, Sutra, Koran

All pointing to a way,
to find,
which he failed to see, failed to hear, failed to feel

Seek and you shall find,
was the promise,
he believed went unanswered....

within himself,
in the serenity of his heart
a celebration,
a consecration,
without beginning and without end,
as it always had
as it always would

Little did he know,
he was that angel,
he was searching for....

He held the very divinity
that he wished to find

He was the love,
whose embrace
he craved,
the miracle,
he so desired.......

He was born with it,
he lived with it,
he would die with it,

The knock at his door,
the longing that he felt....
was a sacred invitation
meant for him
and him alone,
to become.....
this celebration
this ultimate expression
beyond expectation
of all
that he

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