Friday, June 15, 2012

Absolute Adoration

The mountains stand in power and in glory,
unwavering in postures 
of majestic beauty

The oceans, rivers, streams and lakes move with sacred mystery,
sparkling with shining treasures 
of sunlight

Valleys and plains burst with color,
gold with grain, 
adorned richly, in purples and greens

All in absolute adoration, extreme appreciation
of something 
is often taken for granted......


 And what is there to learn from these,
I have never heard the mountains in their magnificence say,
oh I wish I were a tree or could fly like a bird,

I have never heard the oceans in their undulating beauty,
oh I so do wish that I could reign, I should, I could, I would

I have never heard the skies weep,
for what they perceived could have been,

I have never seen the plains in their abundance, providing such generous sustenance,
withhold their grain for their own profit,

the stars shine,
the moon rises,
the sun glows,
in reflection,
of what they are,
radiant with beauty,
accepting of all change,
asking nothing more than to BE

And shall we see,
perhaps, take a lesson from these,
in stillness, simply
BE ?

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