Friday, April 13, 2012

Have we not been given enough?

Sometimes as we sit in our houses and live our lives, we forget.... that we hold within us something which is divine.

All that has been created, is for each of us alone. This shining jewel of a planet with its spectacular oceans and lands teaming with life, is for only each of us. Can you believe, that?

That we are each a being of of unlimited potential, with hearts capable of immense love, containing wisdom beyond anything we can imagine, I am sure we do forget.

But to know, these things above all others is the "game" To remember is "the play" To be filled with gratitude is "the purpose" 

Each second of love that we express, each minute of gratitude that we feel is a moment of purity, at which the creator smiles with joy ! Remembrance is truly Divine !

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