Sunday, December 29, 2013

Saving Secret Diamonds

We could all stay veiled with our sweet secrets..... made of gold
We can stash our precious diamonds in the deepest recesses of our hidden soul....
And think, ah this I am safe....and sound...

While the rest of humanity cries....

We can remain....alive with possibility....
but without sharing....
without telling....
holding hostage.....
all that we have realized....

While someone else tries......

We could be given, all that can ever be given....
reside in the greatest generosity....
be shown the ultimate compassion....
and keep it ourselves.....inside...

Watch in silence as the brilliance of our flame dies.....

We could live, without knowing....the indestructible power...
of the miracle of our own courage...
the brilliant grace ......of our diamonds showing...
if we dared to take them out of our inner bags....
and held them up for all to see....

We could be taken by the whirlwinds....freed... as our own fire flies...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Most Important Choice We Will Ever Make

What if each person on the face of this earth was taught a simple thing.....
to spend each day in Gratitude

What if every man, woman and child stopped raising their voices in shouts of injustice....
and instead began to sing.... the song of beauty....

What if every person understood...
that their life is precious and refused to waste it?

What if all the nameless things which live in the darkness of our minds...
were dissolved in the ocean of love, which resides in our hearts?

What if the sadness and confusion of humanity...
were surrendered to the understanding of its joy?

What if we, human beings, stood up and said “Enough !”
to the illusion of separation and chose instead to celebrate compassion?

What if all of us, every one, stopped listening to the deadened voices of so much agenda....
and began to hear the sweet melody, composed in every moment of being?

What if we refused our close association with greed and destruction,
and chose as our companions.....clarity and wisdom?

What if we refused to judge and hate each other,
became a society of peace and of tolerance ?

What if we stopping closing our eyes to beauty,
and relearned our birthright of appreciation?

What if we broke the chains of all that we have so far, been taught, and took back our freedom?
To choose those thoughts and actions that are mandated not by governments but by the humanity of our hearts ?

What if we took back our power?
And aligned ourselves with TRUTH?

What if we knew....
that these are choices, that we are capable of making?

What if we understood....
that this is indeed.....the most important choice that we will ever make?

Poem by Carolyn Jackson
Artwork by Gary Bandzmer - Boddi Design

Friday, September 13, 2013

Miracles of Living

Miracles of Living

Within my own soul,
I have heard a calling....
of the soundless voices of music, beckoning

within my own heart,
I have felt an awakening....
of such a  force of love, breaking

within my own mind,
I have known  powerful teaching.....
from wisdom's wordless silent being

from my own hands,
I have felt the touch of healing....
of transformation reshaping

in my own visions,
I have seen the lights of heaven beaming...
of the presence of infinity, weaving

And in my life,
I do know the miracle of being.....
in the gratitude that lives in this state of being



Monday, March 11, 2013

Precious Coins of Living

Oh, yes....I too have know the the loneliness of deserted islands
lain in incomprehension,
soaked in unseen brilliant sunshine,
stood numb to the stroke and knead of loving ocean tides of motion

But, the freedom of wild birds flying, has made me laugh
the stillness of their high hovering in cloudless skies,
the daring expertise in their winged rides,
the suicidal speed of their vertical dives

And the power of the wind, has moved in my soul
like a freight train toppling matchstick trees.
Whimsical stirring of a thousand fallen leaves.
Gentle scattering of the soft down of a million seeds

Oh, the laughter and squeals of children do reach me
the joyful silliness of their playing,
the exquisite simplicity in their sense of being,
the implicit trust placed in night time praying

Oh, I have danced and sung a million songs of love, of longing
felt the power of them drawing,
cried to the sweetness of their melodic calling,
abandoned myself to passionate rhythmic drumming

And I too have known the loss and the win of spectacularly ridiculous battles,
used sarcastic words for wounding,
explored senseless ways of hurting,
felt the pain of trust, turning

And, I have felt the deepest love,
a child's soft nursing at my breast,
a lover's urgent need at its crest,
the heart of silence, in which I take my rest

Yes, I have spent many of my coins of living,
a few on wasteful bouts of mourning,
but more on the appreciation of simply living.
Gifted, the treasure of an inner knowing

Written by Carolyn Jackson Innate Foundation
Watercolor Painting by Carolyn Jackson

Can you see the beauty in I wish to see the beauty in you?

Can you see....
the beauty in me,
as I wish to see the beauty
in you ?

Can you can touch ...
the reality of me,
As I wish to touch the realness of you,
Beyond the bones, sinews, blood, and skin,
where the crystal clarity of a pool of essence lies?

Can you hear...
the sweetness of the melodies which play in me?
As I wish to hear the harmonies which flow from you ..
Beneath the sounds of laughter,
beyond all depth of conversation,
the notes of sound which lie beneath the sighing tones of breath?

Can you open the book of you...
as I wish to open the volume of me...
Removing the antiquated cover from the shining light of pages,
read and be read to,
the wordless story that is our beginnings and our middles and our endings....merged?

Can you dance...
as I wish, with all of my heart, to dance...
to the sway and whorl of unorchestrated movement,
created brevity of every precious different moment?

Can you hold....high...
the mirror for me,
with no ambivalence, but with all of the still strength of serenity,
as it is my deepest wish to see the truth of myself.
As I know the truth of you to be.

Can you see...
the beauty in me,
as I wish to see,
the beauty in you?

 written by Carolyn Jackson Innate Foundation
Watercolor  painting by Carolyn Jackson

Friday, February 8, 2013


The dust, swirling and dancing about my feet,
greets me, knowing that from it,
 I am made

The waves of the oceans, springs and rivers
which swirl around play
know that they are the very water, 
that is keeping me alive

the stars in the heavens,
the moon, the sun
are wise with the knowledge that  they....
are the womb from which I was born

the wind, with its powerful storms and perfect stillness, 
is aware that it carries within it 
the essence of my breath

the fierce passions of storms
and the scorching  heat of deserts
are my own storms and my own passions
the soft sound of rain
the delicacy of snow crystals
are my own softness, my own vulnerability and my own beauty
the power of towering mountains
the silence of the hours just before dawn
are my own silence and my own strength of being

and you, and you, and you
around the world,
everyone of you......
carry my own longing,
my own hope,
and my own love 

painting and poem by Carolyn Jackson
painting available through Fine Art of America