Friday, May 4, 2012


For you, who feel the lack of love in this world,
whose flag of victory lies unfurled
You who see only the bleak and darkened spaces,
these are merely temporary resting places
for a sun that shines too bright......... for some

But, beware your hand lies too long unextended, it is your heart
that will miss the glory and the power of the next start,
Becoming one more uncultivated garden,
another mud choked water fountain
one more brilliant flaming torch of passion..... unlit

For who does judge the innocently spoken,
word of truth, that freely given humble token?
It is solely the uncourageous who would never dare,
to give more than what is said to be..... their fair share.
And it is they who will never know.. the breadth and height of love

So, rest awhile in these deeply shaded places,
Enjoying the sweet solace in life's moon time phases
Your soul will sing once more, your sunrise fill these skies again,
shine with its inevitable true nature, its proud beauty once more to lend
its light... its peace.... its exquisite tenderness.... to this sometimes unknowing world.. 

Carolyn Jackson
Innate Foundation

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