Thursday, March 26, 2015

Holy Moments

written by Carolyn Jackson, photo unknown
And you would look for me,
in the flowering of the lily,
in the ancient tales and writings,
of the saints
and of the sinners 
And you would look for me
in the sweeping vistas,
the howling wind and deep cold
of the highest mountains
You may catch a glimpse of me
in the sparkling diamonds
laid out upon the sea
or the lazy undulations
of the golden grained
windswept fields
Or you may find me
for a moment
in a sleeping child's sigh
or a lover's tear
or a soldiers death cry
You may see me in
the subtle and in the obvious
the church,
the synagogue
the long winded prayer,
the chant
the choir
the buyer
the seller
the traitor
and the liar
It is you who would judge
are the holy moments
by your own idea
of what is right
and what is
And it is you who would lay the blame
of all of that judgment
at the feet
of your GOD
This is the dream,
which you have created,
a play which you have directed,
it is you who have expected,
such a wonderful and warped objective,
And you are the actor,
the writer,
the creator,
of ....
it all,
Beautiful and Horrendous
and all the while
the moments
yes, those holy moments
that you  choose to mourn,
or that you choose to love,
pass you by....

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Oh Lover of my Heart

Isn't it wonderful to find someone
in love with your heart?

someone who knows,
the buttons,
the clasps,
and unties...
the ribbons of the ungainly garments,
beneath which...
your innocence...

who listens....
not to what is said,
but to what is felt...
in the silence between the uttered  confusion of words
who strokes your soul....
as if it is the softest,
silkiest substance,
ever touched
someone who
appreciates the sight...
the sound....
of the part of you
which lies naked...
beneath the armor of
your skin,
your bones,
someone who recognizes...
that light
through, (sometimes)
the glimmering diamonds of your shyly hidden tears
someone who can hear,
the sound
of those magical bubbles of  mirth....
beneath the seriousness
of your bravely constructed  fa├žade
And when they join 
you there,
in THAT most sacred of cathedrals,
which holds,
your soul,
and theirs.....
What union of Divinity....
can there be!
Poem by Carolyn Jackson photo by Dorey Myler

The Celebration of Solitude

In Celebration of Solitude

And she chose to be alone, ....
preferring the company
of solitude,,
unfettered by any other,

lovers, friends,
seemed too numerous a distraction,

for this day....

and these companions
rose up from within herself.
to celebrate !

COURAGE led the way...
into ALONE,
JOY with gay footsteps, danced along a path of utter FREEDOM,
SERENITY filled the air,
 the scent of PEACE,,
AND the nectar of SILENT APPRECIATION filled her on that day...
when others, came to call,
she did not answer, she simply turned away !

 with every breath
the warmth of LOVE
enveloped her

CLARITY opened her eyes,
.wide, and wider still
to every possibility of  BEAUTY

KNOWLEDGE told her of her choices, who she was, and why....

AND she sighed....
with the perfection,
on the day,
she chose to be
poem and watercolor by Carolyn Jackson