Friday, June 8, 2012

A heart is a passionate thing....

 And we have been told...
a heart is fragile,
easily wounded,
its vulnerability, extreme

The advice has been given....
better to give love sparingly,
keep your heart  in hiding, be careful, it may even be in sin,
discernment of course, being the key...

A heart is,
a passionate thing,
an unsophisticated wild and unruly thing,
which blooms with the love of no reason.
flowers when in the presence of trials,
growing at its best in the harshest landscapes,
Its beauty most evident in the starkest of gardens

It is a survivor,
the true strength of our being,
the source of our valor, celebrated,
only its courage remaining undefeated,
while all logic and reasoning have failed, died and are gone...

And it is in this wild,
unpredictable, glorious presence,
of a true heart,
that we shine,
reckless with love,
unrestrained with care,
invincible with passion,

ah, yes and laughing with delight ! 
Carolyn Jackson
Innate Foundation

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