Friday, May 18, 2012

The Wealth of a human being

I sometimes wonder,
if we know
the cost of a human life?

Which is worth more,
would you say....
the diamond found in the stream 
or the village of people who lived on its banks?

Which is more valuable,
the gasoline and the oil that powers a nation,

or the souls....
the mothers,
the children,
the fathers and brothers
who have lost their homes and lives in the fight over who owns it? 
Who profits from it?

Which, shall we say is our victory....
that we won the war,
defeated the wrong,
or that a life, even one was lost?
And it is lost, forever, my friends....

Which shall we pin our hopes on....
a natural resource, 
whose existence is sure to end.
Or the children
of the children 
of the people,
who are allowed to live in peace.

People will say,
Oh you just don't understand economics...
shake their heads, condescendingly
Ah, yes...
but I think we do......
WEALTH is in a simple
life of  a human being.

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