Friday, October 19, 2012

And you are so loved

 And you are so loved....

that the Creator, itself
whose power is unlimited, the all seeing, the all knowing
humbles itself and comes
here, for 
only you.

 traveling beyond millions of  miles,
to bring alive a small speck of dust,
you ...
to have your chance at this dance of love,

at your door
thousands and thousands of times 
everyday, with every breath that you take,
present with every sight that you see,
moving with you in every action done and undone,
only so that you can remember.....
and return 

And with the hope that in your remembering, you will know.....

That to IT
you are the only one,
that there has never been,
nor will ever be,
any one, ever,  like you

This is your preciousness,
This is your worth,

are loved 
without boundary
or border
without judgement
and without exception
no matter what 
but simply 
because you are.

You are loved,
Your perfection so

By the  power 
created this entire Universe
simply for you to enjoy ! 
and that it did so,
is a testament of its love,
for only

Yes, indeed, you are
 most certainly

Friday, October 5, 2012

Splendors of Gratitude

lay in broken splendor
in the dust 
at his feet

the coming and going,
of all that is divine,
that most powerful demonstration
of  Divinity within his frail form,
lay trampled,

by his,
taken for granted in his hurry to reach his newest destination

which was the holiest,
bent her head in sorrow,
at her lack of her use......

Understanding, clarity
that very wisdom,
which created all,
lived within all,
lay like an unused
discarded by his side

It was not for the lack
of recognition
that they wept....
But rather,
it was for him......
the one who did not know them
For the joy, for the contentment,
for the peace, that he would
Unknowing, he slept
yet he held these impeccable treasures,
these jewels of pure perfection
these necessary items.
without which he could not live.
And they lay awake within  him....
offering all
that could ever be dreamed,