Friday, September 7, 2012

The Ordinary Man

There once was a magician,
who was without suspicion,
openly admitting
that he knew nothing............

He performed the miracles,
common only to oracles,
knowing only
that he by himself 
could do nothing.........

People said he was surrounded by light,
declared him wise with an unlimited sight,
When he knew
without a doubt
that alone, he saw nothing............

It was said, he was powerful,
his gifts, extremely desirable,
while he himself,
knew in his nakedness, he had nothing........

He was simply,
filled with a profound humility,
to be in the presence,
merged with the divine essence,
of all that was magical,
all that was powerful,

And having found the ultimate treasure,
filling himself within a paradise of  pleasure,
He knew for a fact that he was, 
just another 


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