Friday, September 21, 2012

What is Peace?

 It has been said that peace is the global end of conflict between all nations. 
But, I say to you…in your hearts you know peace. 

It is an experience which has nothing to do with the nation within whose boundaries you live. Except that nation be blessed by having you within its borders. 

You know the freedom of its existence, know that it is completely unbound by the action of any other person. Although all people in the presence of one who is in peace, are deeply touched by it.

It is said that in that moment of "peace" all people will lay down their weapons. But you know that in that presence of peace, no weapon ever existed.

You know this and you are this..............

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Ordinary Man

There once was a magician,
who was without suspicion,
openly admitting
that he knew nothing............

He performed the miracles,
common only to oracles,
knowing only
that he by himself 
could do nothing.........

People said he was surrounded by light,
declared him wise with an unlimited sight,
When he knew
without a doubt
that alone, he saw nothing............

It was said, he was powerful,
his gifts, extremely desirable,
while he himself,
knew in his nakedness, he had nothing........

He was simply,
filled with a profound humility,
to be in the presence,
merged with the divine essence,
of all that was magical,
all that was powerful,

And having found the ultimate treasure,
filling himself within a paradise of  pleasure,
He knew for a fact that he was, 
just another 


Sunday, September 2, 2012


did you notice,
the tiny spider weaving in his web

As you sped past,
did you notice
the clear drop of dew lying on the grass

As you spun around in circles,
did you see the sun,
peek from the clouds

As you ran and drove and drank your fifth cuppa jo,
chatted up your buddies,
did you miss the flow.....

And were you thinking,
just give me a moment.....
I'll get done soon,
all of the things that are never done,

the spider has finished weaving that web,
the dew has been gone for hours,
and the sun has retired ...........

oh dear,
I hope that you did not miss it.........
all the moments of the miracles,
that called to you
today !
Carolyn Jackson Innate Foundation