Friday, May 16, 2014

Wandering the Wild Places

As I walked,
the wild path of no path,
the fingers of the fields and forest stroked my feet, my knees
with willow wisps of trillium, wild grasses and dandelion seeds.

As I drifted,
down that lazy river,
the currents and eddies which carried me in slowly dissolving perfect concentric circles
filled me with quiet, subtle, murmured tales of miracles

As I gazed,
out toward that restless ocean
listening to the symphony in the sounds of its forever motion,
the simple sound of tumbling stones, stilling all my inner commotion

My soul was brought back to life,
and I was reminded...
the absolute perfection,
of a resolute and powerful connection,
the ease of having no set, particular direction,
the openness of being without any predilection,
the freedom in myself uncluttered by some silly subjugation
the simplicity of myself without complication,
filled with precious moments of quiet realization,

my heart rests...
by the air,
the sand,
an invisible hand....

my soul renewed ,
by the quiet,
the exquisite beauty,
of the open spaces....
my feet free to ramble...
of their own volition......
stopping all...
for awhile...
to renew my connection....