Friday, January 13, 2012

Peace, Fulfilment

Today for Earthsend, the group which sends Reiki to the world  I am struck by what our world perceives as peace.

 There are organizations and governments which promote peace as the cessation of war and sanction conflict to promote it.

Peace is an experience which every human being is capable of having. A well of peace lies in every human heart and waits to be discovered.  If Peace on Earth is truly what we all desire, then it is within our reach. It is our responsibility and we are entirely capable of bringing it. One person at a time joining with another in the fulfillment of peace will make a serious change in our world.


Fulfillment is being held in the arms of that which has loved you, even before you were born.

It is the celebration of every breath in each moment of living.
Fulfillment is the banishment of all doubt and all fear by the force of an undefeatable love
that has always been and will always be
Fulfillment is eyes full of clarity and the heart resting gently in the ocean of peace which is home
It is the light and the melody of the song of truth, which is eternally sung in the depths of the soul.
Fulfillment is the purest of healing waters which has forever been rinsing the dust from the spirit,
to clothe it in its own garment of beauty.
And it is the remembrance of that, which has already been written,
always been, and always will be.

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