Saturday, September 26, 2015

Love on the Run

Butterflies with broken wings
Songbirds having forgotten how to sing

Leaves no longer reach out to the sun,
Love, my friend is on the run......

Man against woman, child denying child
Beggars fought against soldiers and yes, they died

People in chains, don't reach out to the sun,
Love, my friend is on the run.....

Corporate badges, and paychecks enter the room,
Priests and Prophets proclaim imminent doom....

Oceans anger as the garbage gathers
Earth ignores as a politician blathers

Clouds of pollution in the face of the sun,
Love, my friend is on the run....

Migrants, refugees and the homeless now hold the reins,
made sick to death by  government's brains.....

the poor, the humble the innocent still find the sun,
Love, my friend returns from its run

true love is hardly an illusion....

I have called your name, missing you
as if a limb were torn from my own body

I have lain entangled with you,
cried out  that our merging bodies were not enough

I have been driven mad,
by the limits placed on my own heart

for I do   LOVE....
what LOVE is wanting here,

LOVE seeks only the perfection of  you and I
lives only in the purity of those essences,
The beauty of which, is unspeakably tender....

Its rapture is in the presence of unmindful innocence,
thoughtless in its ecstasy of KNOWING

Giving opportunity and chance after chance,
to discover the perfection of ITS vision...

Revealing the immortality of itself over and over again
and the POWER which it holds of transformation

Existing only in the realms of truth,
in whose temples I humbly desire to remain....

I  love your soul, as if it were my own..
I hold your presence in my heart,
and softly to enter into yours..