Thursday, August 16, 2012

Life Does Play Me

Life does play me....
as if I were the flute,
a lyrical symphony,of laughter and of tears,

Life does move me.....

as if I were the most precious of dancers
 poised in its hand........

It sings to me of surrender,

As the moon....
does to the sun

It does take me,

into the powerful spaces, shows me that it is love,
which holds the  planets in their places,

It has spoken of unwavering courage, determination

as a droplet,
rushes to become the sea

I have watched,

as every flower raises it head,
blooms and reaches,
toward its sun,

I know that drawing,

that midnight longing
that ecstatic expectancy of reunion
with that
which plays me
as if I were its flute

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