Thursday, January 14, 2016

the dance

the music
low notes, high... mid range pulsing

passion overcomes,
my held back shyness
as I nod to you
and you speak to me

"would you like to dance/"
an unequivicable  YES
thunders up from my throat
and the twirls, and swirls,
of a dance,

If I think...
the music pauses...
and I drop into a thousand pieces....


If I feel...
I am swept up,
carried high,
bent low,
spun, out of control....
with the heat of the rumba,
the swish of the swing...
the dip and the sway....
the turns and the spins,
of US
as we
weightless as feathers,
blown hither and yon,
by this symphony of sound...

I do wish to never end...
this dance of dances

I do wish to never,
think... again...


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