Sunday, January 3, 2016

Pearls of distraction

Pearls of Distractions

Pearls of distraction,
lie scattered at my feet
Once diamonds and scarlet rubies,
they became my fool's gold

I cast them aside,
as the truth of my being
began to unfold....
they became tarnished,
and rusted, belonging to the discard pile of OLD

Their once bright beauty,
had begun to choke me...
their value to hold me...
to that which was BEFORE

I felt the weight of their
past shadowed memories,
crumbled dust of photographs,
of other people's ideals
starving and sick on someone else's  meals
I BURNT them,
TORE them,
utterly DESTROYED them.....

I belong to no man...
neither beast nor saint,
I am naked in my OWN beauty...
FREE in my own heart...
TIME and breath, given and belonging only to MYSELF...
yes, those pearls of distraction,
they do lie,
dying at my feet....

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