Thursday, January 14, 2016

But, love tastes good

LOVE feels good,
it's warm and fuzzy,
being wrapped all in cozy...

LOVE tastes good,
supremely delicious to my tongue buds
more succulent than wine
as it slips down my throat

LOVE's touch strong, so tender....
bringing goosebumps of pleasure,
as it massages down deep into my bones...

LOVE is free,
like breathing
sky high flying
down deep diving..
one of those sublime gifts of being...
if one can get past the terrors
of feeling...
or through the barbed wire of
intellectual preening...

it may well be the death of me...
and some have told me so....
but, I think.... it will be the death of
shackles and chains,
that would keep me imprisoned,
in the cold, dark cellars..
of my thinking...

I think it might burn to ashes,
my carefully constructed cage
of planned restraint,
that keep me
from feeling...

this sublimely, open, warm as
sunshine feeling.....
makes me LAUGH
at the absurdity in all of THAT

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