Saturday, October 17, 2015

oh to play those blues !

I met an old man on Railroad Street,
crouching in the corner,
living on the street,
in the shadow,
of the big banks.....

His possessions in a bundle,
a little spotted dog,
curled up beside him...
As I passed,
he pulled out a harp,
and began to play.....

With a battered hat on his head,
dirty torn trousers,
dusty shoes,
he began to play the BLUES....

He was at the crossroads...
in the "devil's" hands,
Playing like
an old Mississippi Delta
Blues Man....

His face alight with
with the sound of the downtown train comin'
Mouth full on the harp...
like a new mouthful of teeth....
Hoary hands cupped,
blowing' hard
he played those blues.....

I could feel the heat...
99% humidity of tears,
roasting out the summer night,
of the deep south.....

Ah...those BLUES !
those transporting,
trouble makin'
senses awakening....
toe tapping,
thigh slappin'
madman playin'

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