Tuesday, October 20, 2015

In that moment of INDECISION

And in that very moment
of my indecision,
my HEART won.....

I could have hated,
I could have berated,
I could have scorned,
I could have mourned,
all those frightful options,
were laid out before me....
glittering like a fool's gold....
And like a fool,
I did consider...
their offer of defense,

But at that very moment
of indecision
my HEART won

I felt a subtle stirring,
the warmth of its flame burning,
the softness of its feathered comforting,
the ease of its simplicity,
no multiplicity...
the true shining of a diamond,
became my better choice.........

But at that very moment,
at least for that sweet eternal moment...
of my indecision,
my heart won !

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