Monday, November 9, 2015

For the beauty...

For the beauty of the EARTH,
can you feel it?
The heart stopping magnificence of her?
The frozen moment of time, as we watch her?
The sharp intake of breath, as we are overwhelmed with the awe of her?

For the beauty of LIFE,
can you feel it?
The tenderness of its fragility?
The preciousness of its being only momentarily ?
The passion to experience all, in its totality ?

For the beauty of LOVE,
can you feel it?
The tenderness that holds true, throughout the dark night?
The butterfly tingling, as your heart, stumbles and begins its first flight?
The depths in the  oceans of yearning, as you reach for LOVE, with all your might?

For the beauty of CONSCIOUSNESS,
can you feel it?
The crystal clear feeling of knowing?
The complete stillness of no doubts remaining?
The vastness of that peaceful domain of being?

Gratitude, my darling....
so becomes YOU

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