Friday, February 8, 2013


The dust, swirling and dancing about my feet,
greets me, knowing that from it,
 I am made

The waves of the oceans, springs and rivers
which swirl around play
know that they are the very water, 
that is keeping me alive

the stars in the heavens,
the moon, the sun
are wise with the knowledge that  they....
are the womb from which I was born

the wind, with its powerful storms and perfect stillness, 
is aware that it carries within it 
the essence of my breath

the fierce passions of storms
and the scorching  heat of deserts
are my own storms and my own passions
the soft sound of rain
the delicacy of snow crystals
are my own softness, my own vulnerability and my own beauty
the power of towering mountains
the silence of the hours just before dawn
are my own silence and my own strength of being

and you, and you, and you
around the world,
everyone of you......
carry my own longing,
my own hope,
and my own love 

painting and poem by Carolyn Jackson
painting available through Fine Art of America

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