Monday, March 11, 2013

Precious Coins of Living

Oh, yes....I too have know the the loneliness of deserted islands
lain in incomprehension,
soaked in unseen brilliant sunshine,
stood numb to the stroke and knead of loving ocean tides of motion

But, the freedom of wild birds flying, has made me laugh
the stillness of their high hovering in cloudless skies,
the daring expertise in their winged rides,
the suicidal speed of their vertical dives

And the power of the wind, has moved in my soul
like a freight train toppling matchstick trees.
Whimsical stirring of a thousand fallen leaves.
Gentle scattering of the soft down of a million seeds

Oh, the laughter and squeals of children do reach me
the joyful silliness of their playing,
the exquisite simplicity in their sense of being,
the implicit trust placed in night time praying

Oh, I have danced and sung a million songs of love, of longing
felt the power of them drawing,
cried to the sweetness of their melodic calling,
abandoned myself to passionate rhythmic drumming

And I too have known the loss and the win of spectacularly ridiculous battles,
used sarcastic words for wounding,
explored senseless ways of hurting,
felt the pain of trust, turning

And, I have felt the deepest love,
a child's soft nursing at my breast,
a lover's urgent need at its crest,
the heart of silence, in which I take my rest

Yes, I have spent many of my coins of living,
a few on wasteful bouts of mourning,
but more on the appreciation of simply living.
Gifted, the treasure of an inner knowing

Written by Carolyn Jackson Innate Foundation
Watercolor Painting by Carolyn Jackson

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