Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Most Important Choice We Will Ever Make

What if each person on the face of this earth was taught a simple thing.....
to spend each day in Gratitude

What if every man, woman and child stopped raising their voices in shouts of injustice....
and instead began to sing.... the song of beauty....

What if every person understood...
that their life is precious and refused to waste it?

What if all the nameless things which live in the darkness of our minds...
were dissolved in the ocean of love, which resides in our hearts?

What if the sadness and confusion of humanity...
were surrendered to the understanding of its joy?

What if we, human beings, stood up and said “Enough !”
to the illusion of separation and chose instead to celebrate compassion?

What if all of us, every one, stopped listening to the deadened voices of so much agenda....
and began to hear the sweet melody, composed in every moment of being?

What if we refused our close association with greed and destruction,
and chose as our companions.....clarity and wisdom?

What if we refused to judge and hate each other,
became a society of peace and of tolerance ?

What if we stopping closing our eyes to beauty,
and relearned our birthright of appreciation?

What if we broke the chains of all that we have so far, been taught, and took back our freedom?
To choose those thoughts and actions that are mandated not by governments but by the humanity of our hearts ?

What if we took back our power?
And aligned ourselves with TRUTH?

What if we knew....
that these are choices, that we are capable of making?

What if we understood....
that this is indeed.....the most important choice that we will ever make?

Poem by Carolyn Jackson
Artwork by Gary Bandzmer - Boddi Design

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