Monday, March 11, 2013

Can you see the beauty in I wish to see the beauty in you?

Can you see....
the beauty in me,
as I wish to see the beauty
in you ?

Can you can touch ...
the reality of me,
As I wish to touch the realness of you,
Beyond the bones, sinews, blood, and skin,
where the crystal clarity of a pool of essence lies?

Can you hear...
the sweetness of the melodies which play in me?
As I wish to hear the harmonies which flow from you ..
Beneath the sounds of laughter,
beyond all depth of conversation,
the notes of sound which lie beneath the sighing tones of breath?

Can you open the book of you...
as I wish to open the volume of me...
Removing the antiquated cover from the shining light of pages,
read and be read to,
the wordless story that is our beginnings and our middles and our endings....merged?

Can you dance...
as I wish, with all of my heart, to dance...
to the sway and whorl of unorchestrated movement,
created brevity of every precious different moment?

Can you hold....high...
the mirror for me,
with no ambivalence, but with all of the still strength of serenity,
as it is my deepest wish to see the truth of myself.
As I know the truth of you to be.

Can you see...
the beauty in me,
as I wish to see,
the beauty in you?

 written by Carolyn Jackson Innate Foundation
Watercolor  painting by Carolyn Jackson

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