Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Oh Lover of my Heart

Isn't it wonderful to find someone
in love with your heart?

someone who knows,
the buttons,
the clasps,
and unties...
the ribbons of the ungainly garments,
beneath which...
your innocence...

who listens....
not to what is said,
but to what is felt...
in the silence between the uttered  confusion of words
who strokes your soul....
as if it is the softest,
silkiest substance,
ever touched
someone who
appreciates the sight...
the sound....
of the part of you
which lies naked...
beneath the armor of
your skin,
your bones,
someone who recognizes...
that light
through, (sometimes)
the glimmering diamonds of your shyly hidden tears
someone who can hear,
the sound
of those magical bubbles of  mirth....
beneath the seriousness
of your bravely constructed  façade
And when they join 
you there,
in THAT most sacred of cathedrals,
which holds,
your soul,
and theirs.....
What union of Divinity....
can there be!
Poem by Carolyn Jackson photo by Dorey Myler

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