Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Celebration of Solitude

In Celebration of Solitude

And she chose to be alone, ....
preferring the company
of solitude,,
unfettered by any other,

lovers, friends,
seemed too numerous a distraction,

for this day....

and these companions
rose up from within herself.
to celebrate !

COURAGE led the way...
into ALONE,
JOY with gay footsteps, danced along a path of utter FREEDOM,
SERENITY filled the air,
 the scent of PEACE,,
AND the nectar of SILENT APPRECIATION filled her on that day...
when others, came to call,
she did not answer, she simply turned away !

 with every breath
the warmth of LOVE
enveloped her

CLARITY opened her eyes,
.wide, and wider still
to every possibility of  BEAUTY

KNOWLEDGE told her of her choices, who she was, and why....

AND she sighed....
with the perfection,
on the day,
she chose to be
poem and watercolor by Carolyn Jackson

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