Saturday, April 5, 2014


Heaven is not an empty promise of priests and oracles,
The palace of Divinity is not the man made magnificence of ancient cathedrals
The “word” was never written in any archaic language, changed from book to book
its significance lost to those who hunger to know, those whose eyes are not too blind,  to look

Wisdom is not learned through the efforts of scholars,
Mercy displayed  in the stiffness of starched clerical collars…
Charity does not live in the empty halls of big business….
its amount free from taxable interest…

Hope is not something preached from pulpits and podiums,
offered to starving people, with grandiose promises,
Clarity is not gained by wearing glasses,
not an object to be sold to empty handed masses….

Love is not a quality that can be  limited by a calculating mind,
its virtues choked by the complications of that entangling vine…
Joy cannot be made to follow appropriate protocols,
limited by sanctimonious impossible laws….

A human heart contains them all,
A single breath, the power in its motion breaking through this constructed wall,
Of all that we were taught,
All that we thought, we fought, we forgot….
All of this….laid to rest,
In the presence of the “GUEST”

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