Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I will meet you there !

Beyond the pale human definitions of right and wrong...
Behind the usual ordinary of what is seen and what is sung,
There is a garden....
I will meet you there

When time stops and silence is the only sound that thunders,
in that space beyond all human tragic, manic... blunders....
There is simple cove...
I will listen for your coming.... there

Where all the road maps end, and kings and queens of only single moments lie,
When all the thoughts and desires are quelled by our collective contented heart’s sigh,
There grows a lily....
and I will wait for you there

There, in the mountains and in the valleys, where only children play,
There, where the rivers are made of laughter and all the oceans cannot hold the towering waves of love at bay,
Within the trueness of that world....
Surely....I will find you..... there

After all the secret wounds have lost their power...and we have voiced all that could be spoken,
After all the deeds we thought must be done....lie discarded....their fragility broken,
Under the spreading arms of a wind swept cedar.....
I will rest with you, there
there.... my friend.....there
I will meet you, there

Carolyn Jackson 4/22/14

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