Sunday, February 21, 2016

Love Each Other Like That

Does the sun only shine for some?
Does it bestow its warmth only on one chosen  kingdom....

Does the moon only rise for the few?
Line us all up in some ridiculous, you must take turns,

Do the tides only run for those with a certain caste or color to their skin?
or do they caress them all, not caring who or what they've been....

Does the air choose, who will breathe?
selecting from among us who to sustain and who to leave....

Do the leaves and the fruits of the trees  only grow for people with means?
distribute their wealth only in manicured gardens...with perfect seams..

Do the stars only collide and burn and birth for only those who know..
saving only for those who claim consciousness their brilliant glow?

Is love measured out only in small quoted amounts
settling the deserving into neat columned accounts?

WE do not deserve,
nor are we owed....
this immaculate kind of  LOVE,
which gives of itself,
beyond question or doubt...
without judgement,
with no reserve,
and with no limit,
and with unerring EQUALITY

and maybe some day
some time
when we watch...
the sun, the moon....
the trees, the streams, the wind....
we too will learn to love
each other...
like this.....

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