Friday, April 17, 2015

Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations

What are your aspirations, your dreams, your wants and your desires?
With what, do you fill your empty places,
your seemingly dormant spaces?
With what liquid do you quench, your thirst?
feed your hungry soul?

my darling, please REMEMBER.....
that you were not made solely
to spend your hours,
your years in the pursuit...
of your buying power,
intellectual prowess,
as a searcher and seeker....
of approval, and of LOVE,
from the empty coffers....
of things that WILL NOT


you are made for peace,
you are made for joy
your heart cries to DANCE
in wild celebration,
because IT KNOWS
that at every moment you are a living,
written by an author,
whose scripts are alive...
with beauty

You, sweet, innocent person,
are made in the image of children,
with SIMPLICITY at your core....
your tears kissed,
your nightmares comforted.
by a "parent"
who does not EVER abandon you

YOU, my darling, are sung the sweetest of  lullabies,
if you could but hear them......
the notes of which
are woven throughout your moments
by the musician whose unmatched expertise....
whose sole magnificent performance....
is solely meant and played for YOU

You, my love, are a painting
whose colors are so vibrant,
so alive...
that all of creation
breathes in your beauty,  in wonder....
by an artist whose palette
is filled with every imaginable color,
brilliant sunsets, verdant forests, silver moonlight
are only part of the repertoire,
set upon the canvas,
that is you,
if only you could see it

Your capacity for joy, darling...
is more abundant than the stars,
which light the sky....
or the drops which fill the sea....
if you could but FEEL it...

Your LIFE is more precious,
your every action...
(which you often consider
to be the most mundane......)
are cherished,
and yes, LOVED
without reservation,
or restraint,
by a virtuoso....
who knows you more intimately,
than you know yourself
If you only FELT the touch of  it.......

And if you knew this,
your search would end, thus...
as if it never began......

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